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    The purpose of the right system of laws, regulations, and standards that society, region, country or territory imposed to itself is to keep the community in order. The state should be able to keep under control certain behaviors and social events that can be dangerous or worthy of interest. The law is a purely social element that the human being created. That is why the knowledge of the law is vital in understanding the workings of society.

    The major kinds of law

    There are two main types of law. The first type of law is known as the common law. This kind of law is not established officially or in writing. However, it is in the social consciousness of the people. It originates from common sense that there are things that people can and cannot do, for example, hurt someone. This type of law is the right characteristic of the oldest societies.

    Then when the societies became bigger and more complex, the need arose to establish a written or codified law. Such laws, rules, and regulations will control and dictate in clear and concise manner as possible the punishments, penalties or damages that certain actions could lead. Thus, acts as crimes or crimes became regulated in the same way. The society then also came up with a written host of regulations for different spheres of social life. For example, labor regulations, family, criminal, civil, etc.

    Through this, we note that the importance of the right system of laws then lies in imposing some order and control over societies. If not done so, people will act in a chaotic and disorderly way, thus ruining the society. The law"s main objective is to act as a set of maximum and supreme laws. All members of society must respect that law for the sake of the society itself. This concept is the origin of the idea of the common good. This mindset disregard or sacrifices an individual"s advantage for the greater good of the society. Individuals can no longer act as they wish for their benefit regardless of the injury or damage that they may cause to others.

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